Everyone loves to walk past houses during the Christmas season as see the outdoor holiday decorations set up, but how do you create a display that will leave not only them, but you in the holiday spirit? Following are some must-have decorations during the holidays.

Make Sure Santa Claus is There

Whether you put Santa kissing Mrs. Claus goodbye in front of his reindeer, or put him on the roof getting ready to sneak down the chimney, Santa Claus in a big part of outdoor holiday decorations during Christmas that nobody should be without. Everyone gets in the Christmas spirit when they see Santa Clause.

If you don't have a Santa ornament then you can find cheap, old, and familiar ones at many discount stores. They are not inflatable, but rather they are sturdy plastic that will hold up through a lot of abuse that the inflatable ones won't.

Try pairing Santa with familiar sights such as standing by a sleigh or holding a bag over his shoulder for the biggest Christmas feeling. We all have engrained these images in our mind when we think of Christmas.

Exterior Lights

Some people try to create a scene without lights, but this does not boast well for people who take a walk in the evening to check out the latest outdoor holiday decorations. It can be hard to see decorations without lights!

There are so many colors to choose from now when it comes to outdoor lights. Soft white or blue lights are common. A dominant red string of lights is popular. And of course, there is the old mix of red, white, and blue lights that remind us of Christmas as a kid.

You can mix and match colors by outlining many different areas of your house, including the roof, garage, and front door. You may also want to create a soft-colored theme on your bushes or trees, which gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Use the lights to represent how you feel about Christmas.

You can also use spotlights to highlight certain ornaments or areas of the house that you are most proud of. For instance, if you have homemade decorations that do not light up, then you can shine a spotlight on them to highlight their uniqueness. Just make sure you don't point them at your neighbor's windows or you could be asking for a Christmas feud!

Christmas Wreaths

There is no outdoor holiday decoration more popular than the Christmas Wreath. You can hang it on your front door, or you can hang it around the lights in front of your garage if you have one. Wreaths represent joy and completeness, and because of their circular shape, a sense of never-ending love. Plus, they are nice to look at.

You can buy wreaths from every store made of different items such as pine cones, but if you want to make your own wreath then that is very easy to do as well, and it will be a great homemade reminder of Christmas feelings.

While there are many different ways to make your own wreath, a pine cone wreath is probably the most familiar. The simplest way to make a wreath is to go out and hunt for the perfect pine cones in a nearby park and then glue them to a Styrofoam wreath. Finish with a pretty ribbon and you now have a homemade Christmas wreath!

The above three ideas are the most popular outdoor holiday decorations for Christmas, and they should be a part of anyone's display, no matter what else you do. They remind everyone of Christmas, and will have you in the holiday spirit in no time.


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